Some books I read and thought were worth reading

I like books.

When a person writes its like he's taking a part of his life and putting it on paper. As much as books are about the content, they are about the author. These books each have been read several times over by me, and I really think are worth a read.

The Alexander Series - Valerio Masssimo Manfredi

The Alexander series is a great example of historical fiction and one of my favourite book series. Alexander of Macedon during his 33 years carved out the second largest empire ever. The books take you through the life of Alexander the Great from his boyhood in Macedonia to his death across the plains of Babylon. Maybe its Alexander himself, but I think its the way Manfredi portrays him as a human who dared to transcend average humans, that's what sets this apart.

Steve Jobs - Walter Isacsson

The reason Walter Isacsson is a great biographer is that he focuses on the humane aspects of his characters. He picks characters that are extraordinary and focuses the struggles that got where they are today. In short he truly tells the story of their lives. Einstein, Benjamin Franklin.. But I feel his best work is on Steve Jobs. Perhaps, it was Jobs talking him in to writing the book, or the fact that in the modern era he could easily check his sources. Either way this is a book worth reading.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy - Jonathan Stroud

This was one of my favourite books growing up. what separates Bartimaeus from your average everyday book is the storytelling. It doesn't mommycoddle you the way the usual children's book does. It doesn't present a black and white view of the world where the good guy always wins. Instead with a rich blend of sharp wit and complex storytelling it tells a captivating story about life in a magical world.

As The Crow Flies - Jeffery Archer

Jeffery Archer is a world renowned author with many books of note. As The Crow Flies is my personal favourite. It follows the life of 'onest Charlie Trumper as he struggles to build the biggest 'barrow' in the world. A truly heartwarming tale of life in a bygone era, this book just always makes me smile.

And Then There Were None - Agatha Cristie

The Queen Of Mystery novels was the name bestowed on Agatha Cristie. Among her hundreds of books, novels and plays, And Then There Were None is a true diamond. This brilliant novel takes you to a lonely island where it proceeds to kill off its characters, one by one. That could be the plot of a bad horror movie but instead makes one of the best selling books of all time.

02 May 2014