What I learned while getting my engineering degree

Today was my graduation farewell after four years of engineering. Looking back, I wonder what I learned over that period of time. There are somes courses I remember better than others, some courses I loved and some that I hated.

There are some which stuck with me. Those that changed my perspectives on Computer Engineering and increased my knowledge exponentially.

Database Management Systems(DBMS), Advanced DBMS and Data Warehouse And Data Mining

Before this course I knew what the basics of tables and databases were. I think though there is a lot of merit in not only learning queries but how they operate. When you start using databases practically for a while you probably won't get the point of concurrency control or the 4th Normal form, but courses like this explain them really well. I think the most interesting part though is understanding how SQL works from the inside. About transaction processing, query optimization and distributed databases. You never bother understanding these things in practise (at least I didn't) but they are still vital to know.

Data Structure and Files (DSF)

I think DSF is probably everybody's favourite courses. It teaches you how to program. It teaches you interesting stuff like Doubly Linked Lists and Hash Maps (programming concepts I was only dimly aware of until them). It presents you with problems like the Tower Of Hanoi

Operating Systems(OS) and Computer Organization and Architecture(COA)

I still remember learning about RAID levels, seek time, page replacement algorithms etc. The only thing I remember in introduction to Linux was shaking the window to make it jiggle. Not sure why but I still remember the Dutch passeren and verhogen for semaphors and the dining philosopher's problem.

Soft Computing(SC)

Being someone who loves Artificial Intelligence, SC was always going to be on my list. Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Radial Basis Functions (which none of us understood). and Fuzzy Sets. Plainly put, this course was fu**ing cool. :)

Digital Signal & Image Processing

This subject gave me my first look at Matlab. That is a program that I don't think I'll ever learn enough in. DSIP experiments actually show you the power of computers for things like image processing among other things.

Microprocessors and Advanced Micropressors

I remember the basics of MP but I really wish could've learned more. Still don't know anything about hardware. Determined to do something about that.

There are a ton of fun courses that I'm leaving out (Computer Graphics, Robotics and AI, Analysis of Algorithm & Design) and quite a few I hope they abolish and burn the textbooks (Object Oriented Software Engineering). Still all in all college was not about what I learned in class but what I learned out of it. I'll never forget the place or people. So ends an era

23 Apr 2014